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New Speed limit

On thing which makes Tesla unique are the „over the air“ Updates. You can always have the latest Software in your car wihtout visiting a garage (or however those ancient establishments are called again).

However, one of the best things of recent Updates was that Autopilot got better and better (it now can !finaly! even recognize signs).

Sometimes, things get a bit „interesting“ as experienced during first drive after latest november Update: on the way home from work, Autopilot didn’t want to go faster than 30 km/h in the middle of nowhere (experienced this with 70 km/h on same road before some month ago). Hope this gets better next time. Meanwhile the 430 hp have to be controlled by hand 😉

Backround: the Tesla Autopilot’s Speed Limits are more or less taken from internal Maps and since some ‚Updates‘ also by Road Signs. Nevertheless, they are BY FAR not as accurate as I experienced it with Mercedes or BMW cars.

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