Alzenau Triathlon ’18

Joined the Sprint Triathlon in Alzenau / Bavaria in September 2018 as may End-of-Triathlon-Season Event – A very good organized old-School Event as it should be. 

Smashed the PB’s from previous years despite of very little training time since Challenge Roth and a injured rib.  

Würzburg Triathlon in Erlabrunn 2018

Pugh – hard work at the Jiakina booth at perfect organized Würzburg Triathlon   2018 in Erlabrunn.

Met so many nice people

Results for Jiakina Family + Friends:

  • Jiakina Ambassador Jan-Phillip Kugler won his Age-group M20 and 4th Place overall over the Longest Course (2-80-20) despite a ‘nearly’ “fucking flat tire” the last 15k on the bike
  • Stefan “Rocket” Rauch was even faster: 2nd overall 1st Master M40
  • Triathlon Pro Johannes Moldan showed his muscles and smashed the hilly olympic distance bike course by in 52 min, crazy 44km/h average

before the storm

Jan-Philip in Action:


The Gladiators with their war horses at Jiakina both after work

Material Test: Triathlon Suite

Resently tested a Triathlon Suite made by Jiakina

Modell Type: Jiakina Trisuite Camouflage, customized for Fast-Tri

First impression:

  • Fits ‘Aero’ for me as a 2nd Skin in Size M (for my 183cm)
  • Arms are little bit narrow: good for Time Trial, bad for Bodybuilders 🙂
  • 3 small Bags at the Back.
  • perfect Jiakina Triathlon Foam Pad
  • Stretchy Cooling Material Front + Back / Mesh Material outside lanes + Back
  • all customization done in sublimation-print
  • Front zipper is a little bit small, have to check how long it lasts

Raiba – Altstadtlauf Lohr 2018

AL18 Castle

1.200 Runners, mass of supporters and lots of fun in Lohr am Main: The 2018 Raiffeisenbank Altstadtlauf  was a perfect event organized by RV Viktoria Wombach Endurance Sport Club.

I joined the event as worker, track marshal, competitor and, last but not met lot’s of nice people at the JIAKINA both.

The 10k main race itself was quite tough due to challenging course and heat conditions. Still had the hard training week in my legs with 2h run and 190k bike workout in Friday and Thursday. All in all it was a 6th place overall in 36:57min. Places 2 – 7 were all in between 50sec so it was a quite tight race – interesting for both, runners and spectators.


3 weeks to go for Challenge Roth

New Stuff Jiakina Lohr

Jiakina unterstützt euch in den kommenden Wochen bei zahlreichen Events mit den neuesten Outfits und Accessoires. Unter anderem:

  • 10.Juni: Raina-Altstadtlauf Lohr am Main
  • 24. Juni: Lifestyle Würzburg Triathlon in Erlabrunn
  • 24. Juni: Indeland Triathlon
  • 24.Juni: Rad Rennen Rombach

It’s getting hot… and colourful

Only some weeks to go for ‘BIG DAY’ @ Challenge Roth – and hopefully PAYDAY for the long hours on the bike, shoes and water ….. Quite confident with my training – not very intensive but high volume with some fine peak efforts – will help to get into the running shoes at T2 with good legs.

Seems that the Jiakina Colourful Bike Shirt get’s my most favourite TOP because of unique cool design AND COOLING material. Perfect for Summer Training! Check it out…

Jiakina Colourful Bike Shirt