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Gong Foil Alvator XXL – First flights

Few days after getting first hands on the Alvator Rise XXL we were able to test it on our homespot in Steinbach on River Main. Here, wind is always quite gusty, especially when the wind direction is not 100% South-West. On the 19th November we had some 5-10knots, in gusts perhaps 12kn – not more (and of course there were also those ’non-wind‘ moments in between).

Nevertheless, the reason for starting Foiling was to get the best out of those marginal conditions. Together with the (for Wing-foiling) relatively big board RRD pocket rocket y25 (122l), the Slingshot 6.4 qm2 Wing, the XXL Foil should help to take of early.

I set up the Foil with an 90cm Mast. As I knew from previous sessions with other foils (i76) and as Gong also advices it on their homepage, I fixed the Foil at 1/3 towards the Boards end in the US Rails.

Take-Off & Flying

What should I say: first gust – 2-3 wingding pumps and you’re ready for take-off. The foil lifts early – very early – and with much power, without feeling unstable at any time. As you are able to lift at rel. Low speeds, everything feels like slowmotionm perfect for beginners or probably for easy cruising. When it comes to maneuvers, the foil remains flying also at even lower speeds. Sometimes I found myself trying to get the board down to prevent any unstable situations, which was harder than take off.

For the limited space on the river or also on smaller lakes, in my opinion an early lifting foil is THE key for fun. As the Shore is always close, you do not have much space for acceleration, lifting, getting your flight controlled and prepare for next gibe or for tacking. For all those conditions and / or for unstable and ligthwind conditions, the big foil is not less than perfect. Also, concerning speed your are still quick enough for smashing into the Shores‘ Stones even with slow setups.

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